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About The Role

  • Logical problem-solvers with a passion for technology
  • Join the team working with leading multinational bank
  • Company culture committed to diversity, inclusion

Here at FDM, we are passionate about our people and their success. That is why we make your training and career growth a priority. FDM is currently seeking numerous ambitious and driven candidates with the aptitude for IT to work as FDM Consultants. We help people like you make their first step into tech every day. Are you ready to make yours?

FDM is partnering with a leading multinational banking and financial services company. Headquartered in London, the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange, is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index and has more than 1,200 branches across more than 70 countries, employing around 87,000 people.

We are recruiting 5 graduates to become our client’s next generation of talent, where successful candidates will be working on exciting projects within the client’s Global Markets team.

As part of this prestigious programme, you will receive 11 weeks of intensive training and continued learning and development to accelerate your career growth within the industry. This is a rare opportunity with limitless possibilities. Don’t miss out - Apply Now!

  • 专为逻辑思维能力强、对技术满怀热情的人准备
  • 知名跨国银行团队工作机会
  • 良好的公司文化,极具多元性和包容性


FDM 致力于帮助员工实现成功,因此我们将员工培训和职业发展置于首位。我们正在寻找满怀雄心的候选人,帮助他们开启 IT 职业生涯。我们帮助无数像你一样的毕业生迈出了他们 IT 职业生涯的第一步,你准备好开始你的旅程了吗?

FDM 正在和一家知名跨国银行合作。该公司总部位于伦敦,并在伦敦证券交易所上市,是富时 100 的上市公司,目前在 70 多个国家拥有 1200 多家分支机构,全球员工约 8.7 万人。

我们目前正在招聘5 名管培生,成功的候选人将在客户公司的全球市场团队为其提供技术咨询,参与激动人心的项目。

成功入选者将会接受为期 11 周的强化培训,以及持续不断的学习机会,帮你具备在该行业发展的必备技能。这是一个充满无限机遇的机会,千万别错过 现在就申请吧!

About This Role


We are currently seeking candidates interested in building a career within Software Development.

As the key creative, brainstorming masterminds behind all computer applications, software developers design, write, install, and test software systems that they have built for a company.

FDM’s programme will give you highly sought-after skill sets and experience in a technical role that requires high levels of expertise, opening a number of exciting career progression opportunities from Front-end or Back-end Developer, Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer to Cloud Engineer and much more.

As a Software Developer your main role will be to solve problems, upgrade existing systems and improve efficiency for the overall success of large software development projects. You will use your coding and creative thinking skills to impact the development and delivery of technological solutions for our client.

You begin your journey learning all the industry-specific technical and professional skills you need to be set up for success. All training is in English and done remotely to ensure everyone’s safety in times of Covid.

You will learn to create code that is modular, robust, scalable and maintainable to a professional standard. Once trained, you will work with our client as part of their integrated team designing and building software solutions but will be fully supported by FDM to ensure you have everything you need to excel on-site.

You will also join the client’s 5-month management trainee programme. During that time the client will determine which teams you are more suitable for.



FDM 的管培生项目将会给你高强度、高水平的技术技能和职业技能的培训,为你打开IT 行业令人振奋的职业机会,包括但不限于前后端开发、全栈开发、软件运维工程师和云计算工程师等。



你将会学习如何构建一个符合行业需求的、模块化的、强鲁棒性的、可拓展和维护的代码。培训之后,你将会在客户公司成为重要一员,参与软件设计和开发项目。同时,你也将会受到FDM 的陪伴和支持,以确保你能拥有在客户公司脱颖而出所需的一切。

随后,你将会获得客户公司为期 5 个月的培训和轮岗。在这段期间,客户将会帮助你决定哪个岗位最适合你。


About You

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higherpreferably in STEM related field
  • Passion to work within the IT industry & the ambition to succeed
  • Proficiency in English and Mandarin essential
  • Excellent communication skills and eagerness to build relationships
  • Able to commit to the full 2-year graduate careers programme
  • Eligible to work in China
  • Geo-flexibility to relocate to Tianjin


  • 本科及以上学历,理工科专业优先
  • 对 IT 行业有较高的热情和想要成功的雄心壮志
  • 熟练的中英文交流能力
  • 优秀的沟通技巧和人际关系处理能力
  • 能够和 FDM 一起完成为期两年的管培生项目
  • 能够全职在中国工作
  • 能够接受灵活的工作城市安排,可前往天津工作

About Us

About FDM

FDM Group is the market leader in the recruitment, training and engagement of IT and business professionals. We are a FTSE 250 company with centres throughout APAC, Europe and North America.

We have launched the dream careers of graduates for over 30 years, with over 2,600 globally in 2021 alone. And we provide opportunities for our consultants to work alongside some of the world’s biggest brands.

Fulfilling CEO Rod Flavell’s promise at the beginning of the pandemic, since 2020 none of those working for FDM have lost their job because of COVID-19.

The FDM Group has won many awards including the Equal Opportunity Award for Gender Equality, Racial Equality and Inclusion in 2021, and was named one of GradConnection 's 100 Leading Graduate Employers in Hong Kong.

We recruit and equip ambitious graduates with a passion for tech and place them in key roles within leading international companies operating in China’s developing tech hubs.

FDM Consultants in this role will work with our client partner in Tianjin. The company currently has a flexible working arrangement, you may have the chance to work from home.


关于 FDM

FDM 集团在 IT 和商业领域人才招聘、培训和派遣方面处于行业领先位置。我们是富时250上市公司,在亚太地区、欧洲和北美均有办公团队。


FDM CEO Rod在疫情开始之前便承诺不会有人因为疫情失去工作,而我们也十分自豪能够兑现这一诺言。





Our culture

With 95+ nationalities working together as a team, FDM is a company committed to diversity and inclusion, in terms of background, culture and skills. We celebrate difference because we want everyone to have equal opportunity to belong and grow in their career. We are active in creating a more gender-balanced workforce, with circa 33% of our senior management team and 31% of all employees identifying as female.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what we value as an organisation. FDM Group is an equal opportunities employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other status protected by law. Our recruitment team are happy to support with any reasonable adjustments that are needed within the recruitment process.

FDM 公司文化

FDM 致力于文化、背景和技能方面的多元化和包容,在全球拥有超过95个国家和地区的员工。我们欢迎差异,因为我们希望每个人都能有平等的机会在职场中获得归属感和成长。我们积极地创造一个更加平等和多元的员工团队。目前,公司中有33%的集团高管为女性,所有员工中则有31%员工为女性,远高于行业平均水平。

多元和包容是我们作为一个公司所看重的核心价值。FDM 集团为所有人提供平等的机会,所有符合招聘要求的候选人,不论种族、信仰、性别、年龄、残疾等任何原因都将平等地获得考核和录用。我们也很乐意在招聘过程中根据候选人情况进行调整。

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